Monero Observer – Monero Observer Blitz #10

Monero Observer – Monero Observer Blitz #10

November 7, 2022 by keithhill530
[ad_1] 1 Jun 2022 [blitz] Here’s a recap of what happened this May in the Monero community: hinto-janaiyo released monero-bash v1.5 and completed the associated CCS proposal (1) There were 4 Monero Research Lab meetings in May (2,3,4,5) noot completed the 3rd milestone for her XMR-ETH atomic swaps CCS proposal (6) SChernykh released P2Pool v2.0


1 Jun 2022


Here’s a recap of what happened this May in the Monero community:

  • hinto-janaiyo released monero-bash v1.5 and completed the associated CCS proposal (1)
  • There were 4 Monero Research Lab meetings in May (2,3,4,5)
  • noot completed the 3rd milestone for her XMR-ETH atomic swaps CCS proposal (6)
  • SChernykh released P2Pool v2.0 & v2.1 with support for the upcoming v15 Monero network upgrade (7,8)
  • ACK-J posted an April 2022 update for their MAGIC-funded research proposal (9)
  • rbrunner7 published Numerator, a fiction short story about RandomX (10)
  • Sethforprivacy proposed exploring trustless zk-SNARKs as a replacement for Monero ring signatures (11)
  • Haveno invited Monero community to suggest crypto and fiat assets to be paired with XMR on their platform (12)
  • There were 2 Monero Development Workgroup meetings this month (13,14)
  • XMR was the most used cryptocurrency on Coincards in the USA in April 2022 (15)
  • Zombie Master announced Xmrstarter, a hosted crowdfunding platform for Monero (16)
  • John Foss published 4 new The Monero Moon newsletter issues (#41-#44) (17,18,19,20)
  • AnonimaUzanto created Python Monero Database Reader utility (21)
  • Mallorca Blockchain Days conference was looking for an EU-based Monero speaker for July 14-17 event (22)
  • rottenwheel published 4 Revuo Monero issues (#119-#122) (23,24,25,26)
  • Douglas Tuman was looking to host a Monero Tail Emission Day Meetup event in New York City on June 8th, 2022 (27)
  • akimayumi released a mainnet APK for the alpha-state Shruum Monero wallet (28)
  • m0n3r0d1c3 started working on Mokazino, a Monero dice casino (29)
  • binarybaron released UnstoppableSwap GUI v0.3.0 with Tor integration (30)
  • HobbDogg72 was selling premium 19x Monero 2” stickers & 24x 3” magnets purchased from Stickermule (31)
  • Mochi101-Official was taking offers on domain (32)
  • savandra was looking for feedback for their animated videos CCS proposal (33)
  • aue_sum offered to build websites and bots for XMR (34)
  • evtotherett was looking to buy 5 oz silver bars for XMR (35)
  • LibreTube project started accepting Monero donations (36)
  • Monerotopia episode 62 featured Sethforprivacy as special guest (37)
  • LocalMonero published Sethforprivacy’s How Monero uniquely enables circular economies article (38)
  • The community held 4 MoneroKon 2022 Planning Meetings (39,40,41,42)
  • Slipfox_xyz was looking to sell TF2 keys for XMR (43)
  • mjxmr posted an April-May 2022 Monero dev report (44)
  • tobtoht was looking for Feather Wallet logo redesign feedback (45)
  • CryptoMorpheus_ submitted a CCS proposal to improve (46)
  • Gingeropolous submitted the Research Computing Upgrade CCS proposal (47)
  • Haveno posted a May 2022 progress update, was looking for Java developers (48)
  • There were 3 Community Workgroup Meetings in May (49,50,51)
  • Cake Wallet was looking to hire experienced wallet developers (52)
  • plowsof created a Python script for Monero meeting moderators (53)
  • xmrvsbeast proposed a 5 XMR bounty to fix site (54)
  • gambit_official wanted to sell a Razer Book 13 & OnePlus 7 Pro for XMR (55)
  • Monero Talk interviewed Christopher Gronski on State vs Federal Citizenship and Monero (56)
  • mystic_swole was looking to sell silver, bronze coins for XMR (57)
  • m2049r released Monerujo Baldaŭ v2.4.2 & v2.4.3 (58,59)
  • monerobull introduced a new guerrilla funding option on the shop (60)
  • SChernykh set up P2Pool testnet in preparation for Monero v15 hardfork (61)
  • Majesticbank sponsored $6K USD hosting fees for 3 months (May-July) (62)
  • akimayumi released Shruum Wallet v1.1.1/1.1.6 & v1.2.0 (63, 64)
  • Binance added XMR as Collateral Asset on Binance Loans platform (65)
  • Ricardo Martinez from Bitrefill interviewed Monero Talk host Douglas Tuman (66)
  • ForgotSudo posted an Onionr project update (67)
  • td4guy was looking to sell an iPhone 12 Mini for XMR (68)
  • Gingeropolous created a funny cartoon explaining Monero view tags (69)
  • P2Pool Mini sidechain reached 1000 active miners (70)
  • MasFlam was looking to get hired for PL/RU/EN translation work in exchange for XMR (71)
  • nedutech22 was selling various gift cards for Monero (72)
  • jeffro256 submitted a CCS proposal for 3 months of part-time Monero dev work (73)
  • Tickets to the MoneroKon 2022 annual conference sold out in less than 6 weeks (74)
  • UkoeHB’s second Seraphis wallet PoC CCS proposal was fully funded (75)
  • MoneyRepresentative3 was looking to sell an S21 Ultra for $700 equivalent of XMR (76)
  • MyMonero announced a new partnership with Guardarian (77)
  • Sethforprivacy invited the community to test upcoming Monero release for bugs using his Ubuntu Docker image (78)
  • bawdyanarchist posted the Using Data Science to Identify the Bottom thread (79)
  • A MoneroKon 2022 waiting list was made available (80)
  • Monero Talk interviewed Braddon candidate Duncan White on running to save Australia from dystopia (81)
  • pluja announced a new and improved version of the experimental search engine project (82)
  • Cake Labs released Cake Wallet v4.4.1 and v1.0.6 (83)
  • hinto-janaiyo released monero-gpg script (84)
  • noot completed the 5th milestone for her XMR-ETH atomic swaps CCS proposal (85)
  • spirobel created monero-playground Bash script collection to help users play with monero-wallet-rpc (86)
  • freeteabet was selling a MacBook Pro 16 Inch M1 Pro base model for 10.8 XMR (87)
  • binarybaron submitted a second CCS proposal to continue developing XMR-BTC atomic swap desktop GUI prototype (88)
  • Gingeropolous’s Research Computing Upgrade CCS proposal was fully funded (89)
  • CryptoGrampy demonstrated how to set up and use the Monero PoS app HotShop, was looking for UI feedback (90,91)
  • imperator285 offered to write history papers for XMR (92)
  • Vicurious was looking to hire an artist to create MoneroChad character sketch for 0.5 XMR (92)
  • Siyoya offered to do database-related work for XMR (93)
  • pluja launched new knowledge site (94)
  • Sethforprivacy shared a thorough guide on accepting Monero via BTCPay Server (95)
  • MajesticBank was looking to give away 40 tickets to the sold out MoneroKon 2022 event for free (96)
  • CryptoMorpheus_ built 10 new charts for (97)
  • bawdyanarchist posted a Monerun After Action Report (98)
  • mj-xmr and endorxmr announced the first SolOptXMR v0.1-beta release (99)
  • Monero Talk interviewed Nam Sardar on true cash in the digital age (100)
  • midipoet posted an Oslo Freedom Forum 2022 report (101)
  • shermand100 announced the new PiNodeXMR v5 release with P2Pool support (102)
  • yusufgurdogan added Monero-Nano swaps to Kuyumcu (103)
  • DangerousFreedom1984 submitted their first CCS progress report (104)

My personal contributions:

  • published 4 weekly MO Artistic Saturday Top 5 reports (Weeks: 18/19/20/21, 2022) (105,106,107,108)
  • published 5 weekly MO XMR TA Reports (Weeks: 17/18/19/20/21) (109,110,111,112,113)
  • published April 2022 MO Blitz Report: #9 (114)
  • published 93 Monero Observer Reports & listed 51 Community Messages and 13 Calendar events (115,116) (consult the Archive page for a complete list (117))
  • published 5 weekly Monero Dev Activity Reports (Weeks: 17/18/19/20/21, 2022) (118,119,120,121,122)
  • started creating new on demand Monero Workgroup Meeting Log Summary Reports (123)
  • created Monero Observer hidden service (124), deployed MO self-hosted CLI Git server (125), updated Resources, Calendar, Messages, Reports, Stats (full list of updates and improvements can be viewed on the Changelog page (126)

Credits/special thanks to:

  • everyone that reported broken links, suggested edits, sent anonymous news tips and shared my reports
  • the cypherpunks that keep sending me encrypted emails and messages
  • gnuteardrops from Monero.Graphics for the amazing art
  • all anon MO loyal readers and CCS contributors

That’s it for the 10th edition of Monero Observer Blitz.

Previous editions can be found on the /tag/blitz page.

Let me know if this was helpful, thanks for reading!



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