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Monero Observer – Monero Observer Blitz #6


1 Feb 2022 | Updated 2 Feb 2022


Here’s a recap of what happened this January in the Monero community:

  • Astendann shared a short Monero Misconceptions explainer video (1)
  • mjxmr submitted his December 2021 dev report (2)
  • Lovera posted a CCS progress report for December 2021 (3)
  • Monerujo v2.3.1 Doménikos was released with seed encryption support (4)
  • netrik182 posted a December 2021 CCS community report (5)
  • The Revuo Monero weekly publication made a comeback with Issue #101 after a 7-month hiatus (6)
  • garrylachman was looking for XMRig for Android contributors (7)
  • mjxmr proposed redistributing funds for his Compilation time reduction CCS proposal (8)
  • UkoeHB invited community input on radical proposal to eliminate Monero’s 10-block-lock (9)
  • There were 4 MoneroKon 2022 Planning Meetings this month (10,11,12,13)
  • The community held 4 Monero Research Lab meetings (14,15,16,17)
  • There was one Monero Space Meeting this month (18)
  • REMSee shared a BTC-XMR atomic swap tutorial video (19)
  • Andres posted an article explaining how Monerujo offset passphrases work (20)
  • Spearmint9 shared a bash script that downloads and verifies the hash of the latest Monero GUI wallet (21)
  • xmrvsbeast proposed a bounty for the integration of P2Pool mining into Monero GUI wallet (22)
  • aldrinzigmundv’s price monitoring CLI app zigfi v1.5.0 added Monero support (23)
  • John Foss published 4 The Monero Moon newsletter issues (#26-#29) (24,25,26,27)
  • Monero GUI Oxygen Orion was released (28)
  • CryptoGrampy shared a P2Pool mining demo using XMRig for Android (29)
  • PacificNWVet paid a 3.93 XMR fee for transferring 0.34 XMR (fund were recovered thanks to Monero community donations) (30)
  • Cake Technologies released their new Monero-only wallet (31)
  • There were 3 Community Workgroup Meetings this month (32,33,34)
  • Douglas Tuman discussed Monero price with Chad Thackray on Monero Talk (35)
  • MoneroMarvin updated agoradesk-py Python interface to work with LocalMonero API v1.6 (36)
  • P2Pool decentralized Monero mining pool v1.5 & 1.6 were released (37,38)
  • rottenwheel published 5 Revuo Monero issues (#101-#105) (38,39,40,41,42)
  • The MoneroKon 2022 CCS proposal was moved to the Funding Required stage (43)
  • Moneropedia entries are now translatable on Weblate, thanks to erciccione and netrik182 (44)
  • Cake Wallet version 4.3.5 reintroduced fixed exchange rates (45)
  • selsta submitted a new CCS proposal to work on Monero development for 3 more months until mid-March 2022 (the proposal was fully funded) (46,47)
  • MAGIC Monero Fund announced its first advisory committee members (48)
  • valldrac submitted their first CCS update (49)
  • CypherStack published a Seraphis knowledge article on LocalMonero (50)
  • selsta posted a January 2022 dev report (51)
  • v1docq47’s CCS proposal to continue creating videos and translating Monero content into Russian was moved to the Funding Required stage (52, 53)
  • MoneroMiami joined Douglas Tuman and sunchakr in Monerotopia Ep.48 (54)
  • MoneroTalk interviewed Techlore CEO Henry (55)
  • OrangeFren project was looking for community feedback (56)
  • LocalMonero resurrected their canary with a new PGP-signed message (57)
  • noot’s XMR-ETH atomic swaps CCS proposal was finally moved to the funding stage after a licensing debate (proposal was fully funded) (58)
  • Unkn8wn69 released the first version (v0.1.0) of their Moneroocean Telegram Bot (59)
  • Monerotopia Ep.49 was livestreamed from The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, FL (60)
  • noot posted a development update for her XMR-ETH atomic swaps project (61)
  • ByBit listed the XMR/USDT perpetual futures contract on their trading platform (62)
  • The Monero Development Workgroup met once this month (63)
  • rimuru proposed a bounty for the creation of an XMR price proxy server over I2P (64)
  • Wobole completed German translations for Sound Money, Safe Mode and Monero Means Money subtitles (65)
  • Winston69 developed a Monerochan Discord bot that aims to help newcomers (66)
  • ryitnoise created the Monerica project that aims to prove how one could live purely off Monero (67)
  • Betplay crypto casino added support for Monero on their platform (68)
  • The core team-hosted Matrix server migrated hosts on 28 January 2022 at 0100 AM GMT (69)
  • rbrunner7 was calling for dedicated efforts to establish a clear migration path ahead of Seraphis/Jamtis Monero hardfork (70)
  • CryptoGrampy claimed the bounty for the Monero Desktop Drag and Drop Widget Dashboard PoC (71)
  • Getting to grips with Monero CCS proposal completion date was delayed until March 1st 2022 (72)
  • Coindesk and Localmonero published Sethforprivacy’s Monero and privacy-related articles (73)
  • Former Elliptic representative Liat Shetret told MoneroTalk that no blockchain analytics company can track Monero (74)
  • SChernykh created a P2Pool countdown page that predicts the Monero tail emission era will start in June 2022 (75)
  • Trezor promised to remove AOPP support after community backlash for ditching cypherpunk ideals to accommodate Swiss FINMA AML requirements (76, 77)
  • spirobel submitted a new CCS proposal to write a Monero Afghanistan expansion strategy paper (78)
  • The next Farcaster XMR/BTC Swap Dev Meeting was scheduled for 2 February 2022 at 1600 UTC (79)
  • mjxmr posted a January 2022 Monero dev report and submitted a new CCS proposal to continue working on Monero Core for 3 more months (starting mid-February/March 2022) (80,81)

My contributions:

  • added new Monero Observer Calendar page (82, 83)
  • started publishing a new MO Artistic Saturday Top 5 report (Week 4, 2022) (84)
  • published 5 weekly Monero Observer XMR TA Reports (Weeks: 52/1/2/3/4) (85,86,87,88,89)
  • published December 2021 MO Blitz Report: #5 (90)
  • published 99 Monero Observer Reports & 36 Community Messages (full list of updates and improvements can be viewed on the Changelog page (91)

That’s it for the 6th edition of Monero Observer Blitz.

Previous editions can be found on the /tag/blitz page.

Let me know if this was helpful, thanks for reading!



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